The Humidity is Here : Some Tips to Protect Your Hair

The Humidity is Here : Some Tips to Protect Your Hair

Jun 24th 2018

 Unless you are blessed with ironclad, impenetrable hair strands, humidity presents a unique set of challenges for our hair. We'll cover not only the science behind  humidity's hairstyle hav … read more

How Often to Condition Your Hair?

Jun 1st 2018

With so many getting behind the “No Poo” movement, and many other often-lauded suggestions about cutting down the frequency of washing (and conditioning) hair, there’s a lot of confusion out there. P … read more

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May 12th 2018

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Health and Mood Benefits of Sun Exposure

Apr 29th 2018

Natural sunlight exposure, even in common sense moderation, has been so vilified by the media and medical community that mentioning its merits can seem contrarian. However it is becoming a more accep … read more

Can These Supplements Reverse or Prevent Gray Hair?

Apr 20th 2018

I don't know many people who enjoy the season of life where those silvery, wiry sprigs of hair seem to pop up overnight in the most obvious face-framing places on one's head. Graying hair may not be … read more