Panthenol aka Pro-Vitamin B5 Hair and Skin Care Benefits

Mar 21st 2018

Panthenol – Hair care product powerhouse ingredient – with a strong warning for hair care purposesYou have probably heard both of the terms “panthenol”, “dl panthenol” and “Pro Vitamin B5” before in r … read more

Petroleum Free Products

Mar 20th 2018

Petroleum and all of its by-products really have no place in body, skincare or hygiene goods that we must use every day. There are just too many potential contaminants in the process by which they ar … read more

Avoiding Sulfates Can Save Your Skin and Hair

Mar 19th 2018

Sulfates are a group of concentrated, inexpensive detergents or surfactants that are used in countless consumer goods today. The most commonly used sulfates are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium … read more