Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do your sell wholesale?
A: Currently we are not able to offer competitive wholesale prices due to the small size of our business. As we grow this may change.

Q: Are your products sold in stores?
A: We only sell our products online currently. This business model allows us to get the freshest possible product in our customers hands in the most efficient way. Most of our products are not conducive to potentially sitting on shelves for weeks or possibly months before landing in a customers hands.

Q: What is the shelf life of your products?
A: Shelf life varies per product since the shelf life of natural products depends on the ingredients contained within the formula. Based on knowledge and experience with our products, we have the shelf life for every product posted on the product description pages of this website and accompanying each product when shipped to our customers. As part of our mission statement, we do not add toxic preservative additives to extend shelf life. This means you get fresh & active products, but also means there is a shelf life to be aware of. 

Q: Can you accommodate special formulation requests, such as a request for different ingredients, or a different essential oil scent blend?
A: Currently we cannot accommodate special or custom formulation requests due to difficulty in batching these types of requests properly for minimal waste. Also this is in the interest of time and efficient order processing and turnaround for our customers.

Q: Do you take future product development suggestions?
A: Absolutely! We love to hear what our customers would like to see us start making. 

Q: Are your products vegan?
A: Bees wax is used in several of our products, such as our natural deodorant and our natural lip balms. Bees wax is something that some vegans choose not to consume or use. The Deep Hydration Conditioner contains silk amino acids which uses the silk proteins from silk worm cocoons (no silk worms are supposed to be harmed in the process, but it is still technically an animal by-product). The Deep Hydration Conditioner also contains honey extract, which is a by-product of bees. Our body lotion and hand lotion contain an ingredient which may contain trace amounts of a dairy derivative. Our body wash, all of our soaps, and our shampoo are all vegan-friendly products as they contain no animal by-products.

Q: Are your products gluten free?
A: Yes, they are gluten free.

Q: How do you calculate shipping charges?
A: We use a system that calculates the shipping rates as closely based on the latest USPS "by weight" (US Postal Service) rates as possible that are in use at the time your order is taken. Wherever possible we ship Priority Flat Rate to save you money on shipping costs.  As you may already be aware, the US Postal Service periodically increases and adjusts their rates, and we adjust ours accordingly as well when this occurs. We do not add a handling charge or add to the actual shipping charges, as we believe in only charging what the actual cost is so that we can make our products as easily attainable as possible to anyone living anywhere.

Q: Is the lecithin used in your Deep Hydration Conditioner soy based?
A: No, our lecithin is sunflower based, and soy-free.

Q: What is your vitamin E (tocopherols) sourced from?
A: Sunflower oil