Beauty and Personal Care Cost Cutting | Part IV

Beauty and Personal Care Cost Cutting | Part IV

Nov 17th 2023

Aura Sensory Soaps, Shampoo, Conditioner and more on displayWe recently wrote a series of commentaries on how costs have exploded for the American consumer, and ways you can try to dull the effect of increasing expenses. This brings us to something that’s related closely to our mission statement, and the reason we are here to begin with. 

With that, this is our next to last installment in this timely series on the topic of increasing cost of everyday expenses and more. Except we’ll be a little more on-topic. Apologies for veering off topic previously, it’s just a subject that impacts everyone, and there is a lot to say about it.

It All Started with a Missing Niche

When I initially started Aura Sensory several years ago, I myself was a user of natural everyday personal care and beauty products. I found it hard to actually identify products that were not only cost effective, but that also really worked and were enjoyable to use. What constitutes enjoyability? And why does it matter?

I like to use products that ‘feel good’ going on. If the consistency of a product doesn’t feel good, then to me, it lowers the likelihood that I would buy it again. And I imagined that others felt this way too. If a skin cream for example, feels amazing going on, then are you more likely to recommend it to others, or buy it yourself again? Related: Best Detangler Ingredients for Soft, Manageable Hair

Or what if you were trying out natural, aluminum free deodorant for the first time? What if the deodorant was dry and crumbly, didn’t apply smoothly, or smelled weird? Things like texture, smell, ease of application, packaging, color, consistency (thick or thin for example, it’s a little different than texture IMO), all these things really matter and create an impression.

I viewed products that had all these attributes, while also not breaking the bank, as lacking when I would shop for them. I thought that if I knew what I wanted, that might translate into what a lot of other consumers interested in these types of products might want.

Cost Does Matter

Price definitely matters. If a product is too cheap, you can just about bet that the ingredients going into it are cheap. And when it comes to quality and effectiveness, this does not usually amount to a good product. Then you have the opposite end of the spectrum.

There are plenty of products in the self-care and beauty arena that are overpriced. Shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products, face creams, lotions, deodorants, body washes and soaps, serums and more should not cost a fortune. A face cream that costs over $100 for example, is only worth that if it contains some genuinely scarce resource to justify that type of cost for an ounce of two of product.

And yet there are face creams out there that cost that much and more. You are likely paying for the expensive packaging and the brand name and prestige, more than you’re paying for the actual ingredients that go into the product in that bottle. Related: Vinegar Rinse - An Inexpensive Way to Boost Scalp Health

That was not where I wanted to put my hard-earned money. Give me a face cream that felt great going on, had clean ingredients, and actually made me look great and I would be a lifelong customer. That was the type of product I wanted to build!

Don’t be Fooled by Expensive Packaging

Just like the old adage ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, so goes the theme with self-care and beauty products. While an attractive package is definitely a bonus, expensive and exotic packaging doesn’t mean the product inside is worthy of the packaging. As a matter of fact, I found that the more expensive the packaging, the less reliable the product inside tended to be. This is not always true, but food for thought if you’d rather pay for quality over flashiness.

Read Reviews

Make sure you read the reviews. If you see a product in the store, it’s difficult to know how people actually interacted with the product and what their experience is unless you read reviews. This is one of the benefits of the information and internet age.

You can see what other peoples’ experiences have been and it’s almost like trying it out before you buy it. You can tell when reviews aren’t genuine, we’ve all been reading them long enough that it’s easy to spot a fake. Reviews can be incredibly helpful in saving money and helping weed out the products that wouldn’t be the right fit. 

Vicariously 'trying' a product before you buy can also be entertaining! I can't tell you how many times reviews of things I'm thinking of buying have been thoroughly enjoyable and absorbing. Related: Aura Sensory Random Collection of Reviews