COVID-19 Shipping Update

*Most of the issues noted below have ceased, except some delays still lingering for international shipments due to newer Covid-related restrictions and delays.

Domestic US packages potential delays due to Covid and USPS staffing – First Class USPS packages mailed within the US may experience a delay of 1-3 business days. Also, the 2-3 day commitment of USPS Priority domestic delivery has been temporarily extended to 3-4 days. For domestic packages, we've also noted that tracking can sometimes be delayed or inconsistent. For example, a package may be noted in tracking as delivered, but may not actually reach its destination until days afterward.  Please wait a few days before contacting your local carrier if this occurs. *With the consistent periodic increases in USPS shipping costs, and in order to maintain our free shipping offer for orders that meet the threshold, we ship most often in a Flat Rate Padded USPS envelope for maximum economy. This enables our continuation of the popular Free Domestic Shipping option.  

*A Note About International Shipment Delays & International Shipping in General:

6/24/22: We've made the very difficult decision to exclude some countries from our shipping zone. This is mostly due to recently implemented onerous shipping requirements that impose filing, certification or potential for penalties that is simply not viable for our small business to undertake at this time. We deeply regret any frustration or inconvenience this may cause our international customers. 

International Delays: Please note that most international shipments can experience fairly significant delays due to Covid-19 protocols in both the US and the accepting country. Quarantines of up to 3-4 weeks on packages can delay delivery by anywhere from 4-8 weeks from the normal delivery time, depending on your mail system’s quarantine policy, including the package quarantine policies of countries where your packages make interim stops before they reach the destination country.  Please check USPS.com to see if your country has issued a suspension on accepting international shipments before ordering.  Here is a current link to affected countries also please note our general return and international shipping policies here.

We've also seen inconsistent delivery routes where the tracking seems to indicate a package has been routed to a destination that would be out of the norm, and even some tracking that indicates a package is still in route when in fact it is in the destination country, so tracking may be unreliable in some instance. We highly recommend you contact your local carrier if you have questions once a package has reached your home country, as we are limited in what we can do other than provide you the latest tracking status that is available.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and hopefully these inconsistencies will only be temporary.