Red Light Therapy – Sneak Preview!

Red Light Therapy – Sneak Preview!

Jul 18th 2021

Red Light Therapy

I’ve recently purchased a red light therapy device. I haven’t had a chance to adequately use it in order to give an informed review and opinion as to its effectiveness yet. I hope to have one in about 30 days or a little more though. UPDATE 10/22/21: Red Light Therapy Review : Part I now available with Part 1 of my experience!

What is red light exactly? Well, it’s using infrared energy, combined with red light in a specific spectrum, and it has a couple of therapeutic benefits for the human body. The device I bought actually also has settings for blue and yellow light therapy as well, and we can get into that also but the main color I purchased it for is red.

Red light therapy, although it seems pointless to lie under red lights, is basically very useful for a variety of human complaints. The main two it is used most successfully for are pain and inflammation management and as a skin care treatment. While the skin care portion of the therapeutic benefits is what I am most interested in, I also plan to put it to use for minor aches and pains in the future.

How Is Red Light Therapy Supposed to Work?

Red light therapy uses infrared energy and light generated from LED’s which stands for Light Emitting Diodes. You may recognize this LD terminology – it’s what most white light bulbs use these days, they are supposedly more energy efficient. These lights were first used to help promote growth and photosynthesis in plants.

Then they were tested on humans and many found that this type of light therapy, when used regularly, seemed to promote healthier, more radiant skin and also seemed to help promote wound healing. In addition, the therapeutic benefit for pain and inflammation was discovered. 

It was even discovered to have a benefit for people with recurring herpes simplex infections (cold sores – Related : Herbal Relief Balm New Product for Recurrent Cold Sores)! The list actually is quite long and we won’t get into it here. Suffice it to say I will providing a pretty lengthy review (it may need to be split out into two posts) once I have a good degree of experience with the device. 

The great news is, whether you guy into red light therapy or not, there are plenty of devices now you can purchase for home use. They ranges greatly of course in quality and effectiveness, and there are some people who see great benefits while others are agnostic on any benefit received. It will be exciting to share my experience soon - More to come!