Red Light Therapy : My Personal Experience and Review Part I

Red Light Therapy : My Personal Experience and Review Part I

Oct 23rd 2021

Red Light Therapy - Domed Red Light LED Device

As promised in an earlier sneak preview about my experience and review of Red Light Therapy, here is part I of my experience and overall review thus far with at-home Red Light Therapy. This therapy is also known as infrared light therapy or LED light therapy for those that have seen it called by different names. 

Some may also call these laser devices, although they are really not lasers, but a deeply penetrating and therapeutic light therapy.

So far, I’ve been able to use the red/blue/yellow/green light unit I purchased about a dozen times, so I think that it’s about time to give an update since I’ve seen some measurable results. There are even some very unexpected, although welcome, benefits I’m experiencing from this convenient home therapy.

Although I tinkered with the blue light for about a total of 30 minutes cumulatively since I have periodic blemishes (yes, even at the age of 47), I’ve primarily used this unit for the red light aspect. Since I expect my experience to evolve the longer I’ve been doing these treatments, I decided to make this a Part I in a series of updates. Related: How to Apply Foundation for a Flawless Look - Steps and Tips

Depending on the number of experiences and observations I have, based on what I've already experienced in a short period of time, this particular series could get pretty long! If you have read anything about LED then you know the benefits and reports of various unexpected side benefits, are numerous and far-reaching, and can vary greatly per individual experience.

What Type of Red Light LED Light Therapy Unit Did I Use?

I had a very small hand-held red light therapy laser device several years ago when I first read about this age defying treatment. Although I liked the results, it was really a pain to keep moving the small laser pointer (the laser dot was only about the size of a dime, maybe smaller) allover my face to get coverage. Because of this, I found that I never wanted to use it because it was time consuming but I also had to do the work to keep moving it. Talk about boring!

So this time, I splurged and spent around $300 on a self-supporting, dome style unit that I could just lay under for the twenty minute treatment. It’s relaxing and I don’t feel as though I can’t wait for it to be over (and wasting time, with limited mobility), like with the hand-held device. I also feel like because of the allover coverage, the treatment is more consistent and effective than if I’m just using my judgment in determining whether I’ve passed over the areas of my face that need it enough with a hand held laser-like device.

The unit I purchased is a large strip about 16 inches long and 12 inches wide, that can easily treat a larger area like the face or parts of the arm or leg at a time. It can be used like a dome that goes over your face while you lie flat on your back (my preferred method). The flexible panel can also be taken off of the dome stand, and be used to “wrap around” the area you’d like to treat. For example, the upper arm, elbow, ankles, or the like. Related: Cod Liver Oil for Vibrant Skin, and an "Internal Sunscreen"

I have not yet tried it out this way, I’ve only used it in a dome-like shape on a stand and laid under it to treat my face. One thing I just learned and started doing is to take a wash towel or small hand towel, fold it up, and put it under your head to bring your face closer to the lights. I've only done that the past 3 times and I do feel like it's allowing my face to get more of the penetrating light, and can feel a bit of a warming sensation that I didn't get before this.

Often times people like to use red light therapy to help accelerate wound healing or help ease pain or discomfort by reducing inflammation to certain body parts. So red light therapy is not just used for cosmetic purposes, but also very useful in the reduction of pain and discomfort. Without further ado, let’s get to my first set of observations and my review of the benefits I’ve seen thus far from this amazing little device.

More Even Skin Tone

Red Light Therapy PanelOne of the almost immediate benefits I noticed after I’d say about two twenty minute treatments was how much better my overall skin tone appeared. I am of Irish and European descent. Plus I have also had some sun damage and other skin discolorations from a struggle with acne when I was younger. So I don’t have the most even skin tone.

I definitely depend on a good foundation to make my skin tone look more even and “healthy”. After the second treatment, I saw a visible difference in the mirror in my overall skin tone though. It just seemed to blend better and I didn’t notice the patchiness or roughness as much as before. Related: MSM for Softer, Brighter, Hydrated Skin

It also seemed to lend my skin a nice color – not quite as if I’d been in the sun, but just a nicer, more healthy color to it. As I mentioned, I struggled with acne when younger and my chin area has some rough skin patches. Those seemed to be diminished as well, and they are getting better and better the more treatments I administer.

I had used a TCA peel on a sun spot several months back, and it went a little too deep, so I had a red spot on the side of my face from this error. It has diminished that spot as well over time, but I will say that has taken the almost dozen treatments to notice that difference. Related: Caprylic Acid a Magic Bullet for Multiple Skin Problems?

My wrinkles seem a lot less pronounced. I struggle with the same wrinkles that everyone else of a certain age does. One of the most pronounced wrinkles on my face are crows feet. I’ve seen those diminish pretty significantly since using the red light therapy. My forehead is also a bit smoother.

My Eyebrows Seem to be Growing In!

Here is one of the really unexpected side benefits I am experiencing, and as I previously mentioned it is a very welcome side benefit that I’ll certainly take! My eyebrows seem to be filling in. I overplucked my eyebrows many years ago in the name of beauty trends and have been kicking myself ever since then for it. Your eyebrows are notoriously hard to regrow. Related: How to Shape Your Eyebrows and Maximize Growth at Any Age

This is why some people are taking to brow transplants, tattooing, eyebrow dyes, and a plethora of eyebrow growth serums to try to get the volume back they once had. Fuller eyebrows have been “in” for a while now, and there are plenty of people who would pay good money to get full eyebrows back. Well, if you’re one of them you may want to invest in a red light therapy device for that reason alone.

I’ve seen noticeable growth and thickness occur, and I look forward to further results in this arena. Red light therapy is known to help with hair growth so I don’t know why this surprised me, but I’m definitely pleasantly surprised. I've also noticed tiny baby hairs growing in my "widow's peak" area that were definitely not there before. So that was a very interesting observation too.

So, for now this is all I will put in my review and report on my experience thus far with my home red light therapy device. There are a few burgeoning results I’d like to report in my next one, but I need a little more time to see if I’m imagining them or not. And I’d also like to report further improvements for the results I’ve already experienced. Until next time!