Microblade | 2 Months | What’s the Verdict?

Microblade | 2 Months | What’s the Verdict?

Jul 3rd 2024

Microbladed Eyebrows 2 months later Closeup

It’s now been a little over 2 months since my two microblading treatments. This is to report what the verdict is so far. After receiving the last round of treatment over a month ago, I wanted to share the good, the bad and the ugly around this increasingly popular procedure to help restore a fuller look to the eyebrows.

I know that they new brows will take more time to develop and will likely lighten over time, but I thought it was a good gauge after over two months has passed, to share what is probably going to be how they look for many months or a couple years to come.

Overall, I Would Do It Again

I would say that I’m about 80% satisfied with my outcome, and I would do it again but would ask for something slightly different now that “I know what I know” about this process. I do plan on having them re-done whenever they fade too much over the next few years, so that should tell you something about the level of satisfaction.

What do I like so much about microblading? Well, the best part is really just not having to pencil my eyebrows in every day. It was more and more difficult to get them to look right (and consistent) every day, especially as my brows kept getting thinner and thinner over the years.

This way, I have the same eyebrows that I woke up with at the end of the day, and they look exactly the same the next day too. No penciling required. It saves me time on my daily routine, and I like the consistent feeling that my eyebrows will look the same (even with the flaws I’ll outline in the ‘drawbacks’ section) every single day – all day long.

They won’t wash off if I go swimming or shower, and I don’t have to worry about accidentally wiping them off if I’m sweating. All of these reasons make it very worth it in my book.

The Drawbacks

I’ve already delved into the obvious drawbacks around the severity of the way your eyebrows look post-procedure in previous posts about my microblade experience, so I won’t get into that again since that’s really a temporary thing. But I will tell you what I don’t like about them as they’ve settled in.

Some Lighting Makes Them Look Odd

In some light, especially daylight, you can still tell they are not “real” eyebrows. This is compounded by the fact that if you still have real brow hairs, you can see them sort of lying on top of the pigment when you are in the sunlight.

There are even some indoor lighting situations where you can tell they are not real eyebrow hairs. Now, this can happen with penciling in your brows too, but I only thought it fair to bring up the fact that there are some environments where they are going to look less convincing than others.

I do wish I had smaller, skinnier strokes that more closely mimic the look of a real eyebrow hair on some of mine, especially the left brow where I feel like there is still too much thickness, as if I drew them with a heavier hand on that side.

I think when I have them redone in several years, I will ask that I get a slightly different shade too. I will add a touch more warmth to the shade I chose. I chose a very ashy color because I was concerned they would look to red or orange if I went warm.

I was really going off of how I like my brow liner to look – which is on the ashier/greyer side since reds and warm brows don’t look great with my skin tone. However I would have her warm up the color just a bit next time.   

Other than these drawbacks, overall I'm happy with the outcome. Related: Microblade Experience Week 1