Eat Garlic and Onions for Optimal Heart Health, Immunity and Cancer Prevention

Eat Garlic and Onions for Optimal Heart Health, Immunity and Cancer Prevention

Apr 9th 2022

Garlic and Onion Health Benefits

Garlic and onions, two of the most popular all-natural flavor enhancers in American cooking today, are a lot more than just savory additions to any meal. These two popular members of the of the allium plant family hold a plethora of concentrated nutritional value that should not be ignored. The key to these two sharply flavored bulbs’ prized robust flavor and eye-watering potency is actually the very reason they are so therapeutic to the human body. 

It’s all thanks to their high sulfur content (Related: MSM, a Type of Sulfur Compound, for Glowing Skin). They are both part of the allium family of vegetables and both are grown in the ground and are harvested for the bulbs which are the parts of the plant we actually eat. It is highly recommended to get these important and cost effective veggies into your diet every day. It’s easy too, because they pair so well with a lot of different foods. For example, you can easily put both of these on a fresh salad. 

Crushed Garlic Every Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Get yourself a garlic press asap, because it is one of the best ways to enjoy fresh garlic on any food with minimal hassle. If you can buy your garlic pre-peeled, it becomes an even more convenient way to add this amazing food to your meals. If it’s a little too pungent for your taste buds, try adding a little at a time, and you will build up a taste for it in no time! You can even add it to foods like tuna fish – you will barely taste it and you’ll still get the awesome benefits of this potent antibiotic and antioxidant food! 

One of my favorite ways to enjoy it is on a salad, but as mentioned adding it to a tuna salad is a great way to enjoy it for lunch as well. Sneak if into anything - sandwiches, soups, stews, casseroles. Adding it to as many of your meals as possible is a sure way to get your daily dose of this potent health booster. Just know that eating it raw, crushed and uncooked leaves the beneficial compounds more intact. Related: Potatoes and Cream - No Fake Stuff in This Crock Pot Potato Recipe!

Garlic – The Natural Antibiotic, Anti-inflammatory and Antibacterial Agent 

Garlic possesses some seriously antibiotic and antibacterial properties. The key to maintaining these naturally antibiotic properties however is to not cook or alter the garlic. Instead, garlic eaten raw and crushed has shown the most potent antibiotic effects since it releases the allicin within the bulb, which is the nutrient that is thought to contain the most potent form of antibiotic material in the bulb. The more the garlic is crushed and smashed, the more potent allicin it is said to release. 

Garlic also has potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This is why it is recommended for the daily diet since it can help keep chronic inflammation (which results in pain) and bacterial infections at bay when eaten regularly. Any food that wards off inflammation can be an excellent addition to an anti-cancer diet since most cancers are linked to chronic inflammation in the part of the body in which they originated. 

Garlic – The Natural Blood Thinner and Cholesterol Stabilizer 

Both garlic and onions can help keep the blood to a consistency that is easily passed through the arteries and various blood pathways of the body. Further, their high sulfur and bioflavonoid content are protective against calcium deposits and also at reducing the size of the arterial plaque that often clogs these pathways. 

Garlic and onions help to promote healthy and expedient circulation, lowering the risk of stagnating blood and blocked passages caused by unhealthy fats present in the blood. These blockages can lead to heart disease and stroke if left unchecked, hence the reputation of garlic and onions as having heart and circulatory health benefits

Garlic and Onions Both Boost Immunity and Have Anti-Cancer Properties 

Just as garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic, both it and its close cousin the onion contain antibacterial and anti-viral compounds. These compounds help to boost your immunity by not only enhancing your body’s own reaction to outside invaders, but by also acting as natural medicines themselves to fend them off. Both of these bulbous veggies also contain numerous compounds that protect against cancerAnti Cancer Benefits of Garlic 

Perhaps most notable is the protection they provide against colon cancer. Studies have suggested that diets high in garlic and onions may protect against the development of pre-cancerous lesions in the colon as well as in the linings of the digestive tract and intestines. In addition, one study cited findings that suggest incorporating onions and garlic into your everyday diet offer protective benefits against esophageal cancer, oral cavity and pharynx, breast and ovarian cancer and also prostate and kidney cancer. 

As you can see, onions and garlic present compelling reasons for men and women of all ages to increase their intake. The best part is that both of these savory foods are easy to incorporate into your everyday diet since they add a universally pleasing flavor to almost any dish. And last but not least in this environment of spiking food inflation, garlic and onions are also very affordable and easily accessible.