Anti-Cancer Benefits of Garlic

Mar 30th 2018

anti-cancer garlic

Crushed garlic can have profound effects on your health, no matter how downplayed diet and supplementation’s role in health is sometimes portrayed by the western medicine. Never mind garlic breath, how would you like to experience some seriously life altering and health empowering benefits from this little tuber?

In addition to being one of nature's most powerful antioxidants and antibiotics, garlic also may cut your risk of certain types of cancer in half. That's right, IN HALF.

New studies show that eating raw, pulverized garlic every day cut the risk of lung and bowel cancer (and possibly others as well, these were two that were studied thus far) down dramatically. It is thought that the primary reason behind the drastic reduction in cancer risk is the compound allicin. Related - Low Carb Recipes with Fresh Raw Garlic: Thai and Spanish "Rice" Recipes and Low Carb Spicy Zucchini Casserole Recipe

How Much Garlic Do You Have to Eat for This Anti-Cancer Benefit?

The amount of garlic consumed in patients that saw this potent anti cancer benefit was typically the equivalent of 1-3 full cloves of garlic a day. It is unclear whether there is a particular compound that causes this potent effect against lung and bowel cancer or whether it is more of a synergy between several of the potent compounds and antioxidants found in garlic.

Researchers think that even people who may have pre-existing lung tissue damage and current and past smokers can benefit from this anti-cancer effect. After all, lung tissue can be damaged by many other toxins other than cigarette smoke such as environmental pollution, toxic household sprays and deodorizers, and a variety of other inhaled tissue toxins. Related: Why Avoid Artificial Fragrances?

Can It Also Lower Bad Cholesterol?

Garlic also has often been cited as being good for cholesterol and extremely heart healthy according to numerous other studies on the subject. It has shown that it can be a powerful vasodilator meaning it helps keep the blood vessels open and relaxed so blood can flow more freely, and it also has shown a benefit in keeping unhealthy cholesterol levels down.

Garlic has a bad rap for giving you a pungent smell on your breath. It can linger for hours unless you follow the method I use when I chew and swallow whole cloves of fresh garlic.

It’s best to swish water around in your mouth, chewing the garlic at the same time. This ensures the garlic is really pulverized since this is how the powerful compound allicin is released from the cloves and may be properly digested and absorbed by the body. If you can't stomach taking the garlic this way, try adding it to salads and other foods you consumer anyway during an average day. One of my favorite ways to get raw garlic in to my diet is to add it to my dinner salads. I also love to add it to tuna fish - it mixes really well with tuna salad.

Oh, another excellent health benefit of garlic actually has to do with your skin. Garlic and other sulfur-containing vegetables and compounds are really great for the skin. They promote firmness, protect the integrity of the skin and help protect against sunspots and sun damage. MSM is a sulfur compound, and it is the main active ingredient in our Nourish & Hydrate Skin Cream - read more about the skincare benefits of MSM here. 

It MUST Be Pulverized to Have an Effect

If you don't chew it with water in your mouth, you'll be surprised at how HOT the spice actually is in its raw form. You may even get yourself a little bit of a belly ache if you don't take it properly because it is extremely potent.