Natural Antibacterial Acne Soap

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100% free of: parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol or other petrochemicals (petroleum by-products), phthalates, ureas (DMDM hydantoin), artificial colors, artificial fragrances
Gluten Free, Vegan
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This natural, sulfate free antibacterial acne soap is a concentrated, deep cleaning, redness-reducing, anti-inflammatory, non drying cleanser for oily or acne prone skin of any age. 4 oz. bar.  It is also excellent for deep cleaning the hands of dirt, bacteria and other potentially harmful germs.  Essential oils of lavender, lemongrass, tea tree oil and lemon combine to make a very potent, yet non-irritating deep cleaning product that can be used to help clear up acne prone skin and keep our hands clean and germ free. All WITHOUT drying out the skin. 

Concentrated - we don't skimp on the stuff that makes this soap so effective.  The active essential oils in this formula not only work overtime to kill acne causing bacteria and neutralize excessive sebum, but they also happen to smell pretty fantastic. The combination of lemon, tea tree and lavender creates a sort of lemon-tea like scent.  Although this soap is formulated with facial and hand cleansing in mind, it can also be used on the entire body as it will not dry the skin out and is an excellent deodorizing and deep cleaning soap.

Often times those with acne prone skin tend to use products that dry the skin too much. This can actually cause acne to get worse, as the skin will try to replenish the lost moisture and produce even more sebum. Sebum, which is the oil our skin produces as our skin's way to both hydrate and protect that skin, is a necessity. The problem comes in when the skin produces it excessively in an attempt to regain moisture balance due to over-drying. 

The excessive oil production can attract acne causing bacteria to collect do to its sticky nature, which will then lead to pore clogging and result in what we know of as acne bumps on the skin.  Of course this is all aggravated further by hormonal fluctuations, which can also cause dramatic increases in sebum production. It all becomes a vicious cycle if we use products that excessively dry the skin and also do not then address the acne causing bacteria by neutralizing it and subsequently preventing the formation of blemishes.  

"Thanks! I absolutely love this soap! It really helps with my acne and it smells so good!" - Amy

"It smells so good, and it works so well! I'm in love. Thank you!" - Tandey

"Amazing - as always!" - Kelly

"I'm not crazy about the smell of this soap, but it does its job well, and I have noticed an improvement since starting to use it!" - Christina

"I really like this soap already. I've been using it for 3 days. I LOVE the smell. I love the way my face feels clean without that yucky dry tight feeling afterwards. I've had bad skin my whole life, so I don't expect a miracle but so far it seems to be helping me maintain as well as my harsh Clean and Clear scrub. Here's hoping it continues that way. If so I'll be ordering a few bars at a time! Thanks AuraSensory." - Holly

"I love this soap! It really helps with my acne and it smells so good! Thanks for the chapstick too, it works really well!" 

"When I first saw an advertisement for Aura Sensory products, the special formulated acne bar caught my eye. I am a Certified Nutrition Educator in Castle Rock, Colorado and skin issues are one the health issues I counsel people about. I educate clients how proper nutrition can improve or even reverse many health concerns. I am constantly seeking natural products to recommend to clients, so I tried the acne bar myself, as well having my two teenage boys try it also. I saw a noticeable improvement in their skin within only a couple of days without the dryness. I was impressed and ordered a bunch more bars to offer to my clients who come to me because of acne or skin issues. The company was very easy to work with and I received my products in a timely fashion. Thank you Aura Sensory!" - Certified Nutrition Educator, Patty Nachazel (website boostnutritionalhealth.com)

Lemongrass and lemon oils are not only a great awakening oil for the senses, but also an excellent skin and pore toner. The high levels of lavender and tea tree oil are highly effective natural anti bacterial agents which target acne-causing bacteria deep beneath the surface, while simultaneously soothing and calming the redness and inflammation commonly seen with acne prone skin. This soap may also benefit those with rosacea due to the calming, anti-redness properties of the lavender oil.  The deep cleaning and toning is accomplished without over-drying the skin, which as previously mentioned tends to cause breakout cycles.

All of this is in a premium, non irritating, gentle and natural soap with no chemicals, no parabens or other preservatives, and no harsh sulfates which tend to overstimulate oil production due to their drying qualities. Refreshes, rejuvenates and calms oily skin without drying or reddening. Soap is made on a bi-weekly basis ensuring freshness and effectiveness of the bio-active plant oils used.  Shipped in an environmentally friendly bag instead of pictured box, to save you on shipping cost since this is naturally a very durable item that is not prone to shipping damage.

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Glycerin, Sodium Cocoate, Sorbitol, Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Stearate, Soybean Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Safflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E, Titanium Dioxide, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lemon Grass Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil

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  • 5
    Great soap

    Posted by Annie on May 2nd 2024

    My daughter loves this soap! It helps control break outs and I appreciate that it has no harsh chemicals.