Remedies for Thinning Hair Part IV | Rosemary Oil

Remedies for Thinning Hair Part IV | Rosemary Oil

Sep 22nd 2022

Rosemary Essential Oil for Thinning HairHere we are, the final fourth installment of our Remedies for Thinning Hair series! Truth be told, we could probably do endless segments on this topic.

Mother Nature has provided us with so many tools to help our bodies do wonderful (and targeted) things. So there are a LOT of weapons we have in our arsenal for fighting everything from various skin conditions to sleeplessness, to anxiety and improved focus.

Rosemary is one such “weapon” in this arsenal. Rosemary essential oil specifically. This is the pressed oil of the rosemary plant, a bushy, stiff-leaf plant that grows abundantly in the west and pacific northwest.

It is also surprisingly easy to grow in just about any climate. I’ve successfully grown this plant and harvested it for summers to come for use in cooking. It makes a really great addition to a roasted chicken! Related: Rosemary as a Non-Drying Acne Remedy

Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair and Scalp Health

Rosemary essential oil has two main properties that make it highly useful for hair and scalp health. The first is that it has high levels of antifungal constituents.

The second is its ability to help improve circulation topically. When massaged into the scalp for example, it helps to increase blood flow and circulation and acts as an overall stimulant, helping to “awaken” and cleanse the follicles.

Why the Antifungal Aspect of Rosemary Oil is Important

A healthy scalp often results in healthier hair growth. In fact, topical clinical treatments are designed to address hair growth issues at the source – which is the scalp of course. The antifungal properties of rosemary oil address the very common and bothersome issue of fungal overgrowth on the scalp.

Fungus causes an increase in dandruff. It can lead to itchiness and inflammation, which are not only bothersome, but have a dual meaning when it comes to healthy hair growth.

If your scalp is inflamed and irritated, it logically follows that hair growth will not be a main priority for the body when the growth medium is not in good condition itself.. Instead, your scalp shifts focus to fighting the fungal infection. So, rosemary really targets scalp health and wellness by helping to ensure the scalp remains clean and free of irritation.

Rosemary oil has even been implicated (in a good way) as a potential remedy to help ease the symptoms of alopecia. Alopecia is a condition where large sections of the scalp start shedding hair at a rapid rate. 

The hair does not immediately replenish in these sections, and this causes large patches of prolonged hair loss. In the most extreme example those with alopecia can lose all or most of their hair for prolonged periods of time. More about alopecia.

Gets Your Hair Squeaky Clean, Without Drying

If you’re concerned about rosemary drying your hair out due to its naturally astringent qualities, fear not. As long as you use it in a diluted state (any essential oil needs to be diluted to some degree), rosemary should not dry your hair out. 

We’re talking here about using it as part of a cleaning solution, or as an additive to a natural shampoo. We include this oil in our Natural Shine Enhancing Shampoo because of its superior cleansing ability. It really helps to clean and clear the scalp or fungus, debris and excessive or impacted sebum.

This makes way for health hair growth. It also provides a great shine to the hair since it helps get it super clean and ready to absorb the conditioning agent of your choice.