Jojoba Oil (It’s Actually a Wax!)

Jojoba Oil (It’s Actually a Wax!)

Aug 5th 2023

Jojoba Oil in Large Container

Jojoba oil was first introduced into my personal awareness when I was about 15 or so. My dad had a bottle of St. Ives (do they still exist? Now I need to look it up!) Jojoba based shampoo. It was specifically targeted for oily hair and scalp.

I thought it was curious that an ‘oil’ could be used for treating oily hair and scalp. But back then, the internet was barely a gleam in anyone’s eye to make mainstream, and I wasn’t ambitious enough to remember to look it up the next time I was in the library.

Wax Composition of Jojoba Oil

So when I got older and the internet made this information readily available – and I was interested in blogging about everything health and wellness related, I really looked into jojoba oil more. 

That’s when I discovered the first interesting thing about this versatile oil. It’s actually not technically an oil! Even though it is an oil consistency in that it is a liquid, it is mostly comprised of wax substances!

It is known for having a very similar chemical makeup to sebum. Sebum is the natural oil that our skin and scalp secretes in order to form a protective layer and help seal moisture in and the bad stuff out. When you have overactive sebum glands, this is when you can end up with acne. Related: Best Essential Oils for Acne Prone Skin

Jojoba Oil’s Beneficial Properties

Jojoba oil is pressed from the seeds of a shrub plant. It’s not on the cheapest end of the spectrum when it comes to oils, but it’s also not one of the most expensive. Unlike some other oils that are popular in skin and hair care products, it is not typically used in cooking.

Jojoba oil is very light weight, meaning it can be really good to use in your haircare and skincare routine since it will not mask the skin, nor will it weigh the hair down. Instead it if helps infuse the hair and skin with moisture, without the weighing effects other moisturizing oils can tend to have.

It is rich in Vitamins A and E. It also contains Vitamin C, copper and zinc. Vitamin E of course has tons of skin care benefits, in addition to promoting a longer more stable shelf life for the oil itself. Vitamin E is also anti-inflammatory when applied topically to the skin and scalp.

Why It’s Great for Hair and Skin Care..

These benefits, along with the non-pore clogging nature of the oil and tendency to add moisture without weighing hair strands down, is the reason we include the oil in our Deep Hydration Conditioner formula.

Jojoba oil also helps to protect the hair from dryness and damage by keeping that light (but non-weighty) coating on the hair. Plus it is very beneficial for those that experience flaky or dry scalps or dandruff. You can even use the pure oil as a preconditioning treatment on the scalp before shampooing.

I have never tried this personally since my scalp is generally in great condition these days, but some do say they have great luck with this helping scalp issues like dandruff