Cinnamon Supplements for Blood Sugar & Appetite Control : What Variety is Best?

Mar 19th 2018

CinnamonCinnamon is one of the most popular cooking spices in America today. It pairs perfect with apple based desserts, freshens breath in chewing gum, and is a favorite addition to a cup of coffee. Aside from its culinary uses, cinnamon is being researched as a potentially potent blood sugar stabilizer.

The inexpensive and universally appealing spice has been touted as a natural tool to help with those ups and downs so many people experience with their blood sugar (insulin) levels. As a natural compliment and side effect, it may also help those who are looking to control their appetite.

When the ups and downs of our insulin levels are under control, it is much easier to keep your body in a state of satiation. If the body isn’t “crashing”, then it doesn’t feel the need to refuel, and this can dramatically impact how much food we take in. Related: Pineapple's Amazing Bromelain Enzyme's Health Benefits

Cassia Cinnamon

Cassia cinnamon is a much stronger, spicier cinnamon than Ceylon. It is the typical type of cinnamon you will find in your grocer’s aisle. It is a bit less expensive than Ceylon cinnamon, although both types are very reasonable due to their relative ease to harvest and natural abundance.

While cassia cinnamon has a complex and spicy flavor, it is actually not the best cinnamon to use for blood sugar control. It may have some beneficial impact of course because it is in the cinnamon family. However, if you want more impact the type that has been studied and backed up more is the Ceylon variety.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Now let’s talk about the Ceylon variety. Ceylon is actually considered the “real” cinnamon which is funny since cassia is the most popular. This is the one that you would want to get if you’re looking to stabilize blood sugar levels. It is not typically available as a separate type of cinnamon at the grocer’s. 

You mostly can find this in capsule form. As stated previously, it’s not quite as potently “spicy” as cassia. This can be beneficial to your stomach though, since cassia cinnamon can be a throat and stomach lining irritant.

Also, cassia cinnamon has a higher level of a compound called coumarin. When consumed in larger amounts, this element can cause liver toxicity. So that’s another reason the milder Ceylon version of cinnamon is recommended.

Other Potential Health Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon

You might get a few other fringe benefits form Ceylon cinnamon. A couple of different health benefits are being studied as we speak. While some of these may need to be a little more fleshed out in research, they are as follows.

Improved blood flow: Ceylon cinnamon may help your blood flow as it may also act as a mild natural blood thinner. It may also help to improve your blood lipid (fat) profile.

Improve alzheimers markers: It may also help to reduce certain markers that can help predict the development of alzheimers disease.

Increase wound healing speed: You might experience faster wound healing time, and it is also thought to be an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Related: Herbal Lemon Balm Relief for Chronic Cold Sores and Chapping