Kick Cold Sores Before They Even Start! New Herbal Relief Lip Balm

Kick Cold Sores Before They Even Start! New Herbal Relief Lip Balm

Oct 17th 2020

Herbal Relief Lip Balm Natural Cold Sore Remedy

We are pleased to introduce our new Herbal Relief Lip Balm! It's our first "natural remedy" type of product, and it's been designed specifically for those who experience cold sore (also known as fever blister) breakouts periodically. 

Cold sores are caused by a common virus that unfortunately lays in alternate stages of dormancy and activity in your body throughout life. There is no known "cure" for it, although there are certainly things one can do to mitigate outbreaks. Millions of people struggle to maintain healthy lips every year due to periodic outbreaks of the blisters and severe chapping associated with it. 

The virus expresses itself in some people as cold sores and fever blisters on and around the mouth and lip area. No one is immune - everyone from children to the elderly can get it.

What This Product Does:

This intensive balm targets not only current outbreaks by helping to shorten them and soothe the discomfort that goes along with it. The balm also contains two key ingredients that have been shown to help inhibit the virus expression when activated AND to help prevent outbreaks from starting in the first place - before they get to the blister stage. 

These key ingredients are Peppermint essential oil and Lemon Balm essential oil (also known as "Melissa").  Not only are these two of the top essential oils known to fight cold sores, but they also really soothe the painful dryness and burning sensation that often comes with a cold sore outbreak.

The seemingly endless chapping, redness and burning are greatly helped by this balm. Made with the same base ingredients as our popular natural lip balms - Beeswax (sourced locally) and organic castor and coconut oils, the Herbal Relief Lip Balm also protects the lips as it aids in healing.  

It offers a cooling, soothing feeling that makes your lips feel instant relief as they more quickly recover to a healthy state. All in a petroleum free base with absolutely no artificial flavorings, sweeteners or colors. It can be used not only daily, but at any stage of an outbreak, including a full blister outbreak. Related: Avoiding Petroleum in Personal Care Products : What to Look for In Your Labels  

A Daily Remedy to Keep Cold Sores Away and Keep Your Lips Healthy and Happy

It can be used as a daily lip balm to help prevent cold sore outbreaks before they even start. If you choose not to replace your daily lip balm with this, then be sure to apply it at the first sign of a cold sore coming on. First signs often include:

1.) A tingling sensation on or around the lips

2.) Chronic dryness and chapping - your lips never seem to be quenched, even though you are constantly applying a balm. You may constantly feel as if your lips are about to crack.

3.) Increased redness or swelling of the lips

4.) Periods of high stress in your life or hormonal fluctuations. Stress and hormone fluctuations seem to be a common trigger for new outbreaks, and if you're experiencing either of these, sometimes a cold sore is not far off.

Lemon Balm and Peppermint Essential Oils - Why They are Effective Against Cold Sores

There are studies that have shown both of these oils have antiviral properties, and are especially effective against the viruses that cause cold sores and fever blisters, HSV-1 and HSV-2. Almost all study participants who applied a lemon balm ointment saw significant improvement within one to three days with repeated application as the lips dried out.  

Peppermint oil complements the lemon balm in this formula as it soothes and "cools" the lips and leaves them feeling moisturized and calmed. Peppermint essential oil itself also expresses antiviral properties, so it lends a hand in helping shorten the outbreak as well.  

It's no surprise that both Lemon Balm and Peppermint are anti-stress and anxiety remedies. Both are often recommended as a stress-busting tea, and have nerve-calming qualities for those that suffer form stress and anxiety. Not to mention, they both have a really pleasant aroma and flavor, and taste really good when they glide across the lips, giving a little boost every time they are applied. Lemon Balm has a very bright, citrusy (lemony) flavor with grassy green undertones.  Peppermint, as you probably know, has a sweet minty flavor that feels cooling and comforting on application.

We hope that if you have any of these issues, you will give our new product a try. As with all of our other products, we proudly stand by our Herbal Relief Lip Balm with a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee (minus any cost of shipping). Get your lips back to healthy and happy FAST!   

Supplements to Take a Look At:

If you're looking for some good internal health support for blister free lips, try looking into taking a zinc supplement daily, as well as a lysine supplement.  These are both great supplements to take anyway - zinc is excellent for immunity and keeping colds at bay and lysine is well known for its collagen rebuilding properties. Keeping high levels of vitamin C in your diet is also immensely helpful (makes sense, this boost immunity) and garlic has also demonstrated powerful antiviral properties as well.