Organic Argan Oil 100% Pure Undiluted

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Certified organic, cold pressed, undiluted, NOT deodorized so it has retained all beneficial fatty acids, vitamins & nutrients, certified organic
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Pure, undiluted, cold hand-pressed VIRGIN* organic Argan oil. Exceptional quality - this oil started off as an important ingredient in our Deep Hydration Conditioner. We decided to begin offering it as a standalone product due to its superior quality and wonderful results as a standalone product after trying multitudes of other Argan oils that didn't even come close to this in potency and effectiveness previously.

A little of this nutrient dense oil goes a long way for both skin care and hair care needs. It did not get its nickname "liquid gold" for nothing!  Excellent for maintaining radiant, healthy skin and hair.  Recommended use for skin - apply in the evening to clean, dry skin.  Recommended use for hair - use a drop or two, rubbed between the palms, and smooth onto hair to tame flyaways and add moisture to dry hair or to refresh hair between washings.

"High quality and works amazing! Thank you so much for the lip balm gift too, it is great also." - Tatyana

"Excellent in all ways - thank you!" - Nikita

"High quality argan oil, fast shipping." Eden

Why give our Argan oil a try as opposed to any one of the other brands out there?  The level of quality and purity in this particular Argan oil is evident in that the characteristic smoky, earthy scent with a fruity "fig" like undertone that the purest Argan oil should have is very much present. *Please note the scent of raw, unprocessed VIRGIN argan oil is strong. This is not a de-odorized (deodorization destroys beneficial compounds and properties), overly refined or processed version. It is in its rawest "virgin" form for maximum potencyretention of essential fatty acids and vitamins - and most importantly maximum effectiveness and superior performance. 

More about this truly amazing oil and more on how to use it for hair or skin:

Argan oil, also known as Moroccan oil since the tree nuts from which it is pressed grow on a tree native to Morocco, is one of the best oils you can use for both your skin and hair. Used nightly as a facial oil (and don't forget the often neglected neck and chest "decolletage" area) and wake up to smooth, supple glowing skin. Many even notice the skin’s color and tone looks better after using Argan oil overnight).

For hair care, depending on length and volume of your hair, you can also use a half to a full squirt to smooth frizz for glossier, more manageable hair. Simply rub between your hands and smooth from crown to ends for even distribution. Especially useful if you've gone a few days between washing and conditioning to add lost renewed luster until your next wash.  This oil also happens to be an ingredient in our Deep Hydration Conditioner for its superior strand-quenching capabilities.  

Argan oil has high levels of naturally occurring vitamin E (high in gamma tocopherol, the most effective kind for skin improvement), an important antioxidant and repairing agent for the skin. It also protects against damage. It also contains high levels of the antioxidants squalene and phenolic acid. These also help to protect and repair the skin while also helping to brighten and even out the skin tone.

Linoleic acid and oleic acid are two of the largest fatty components of Argan oil. They are in the omega family of fats and are known for their great moisture-contributing qualities as well as their protective qualities. Argan oil can even be used to help fade old acne scars can be a great moisturizer for acne prone skin since it has a low probability of clogging the pores or causing changes in sebum production. It also contains several natural constituents which help calm inflammation and speed the healing of scarring and smooth out old pitting and discolorations from acne.

*This product expires approximately one year from date of purchase

Ingredients: Pure, Undiluted Certified Organic Virgin Argan Oil.  Cold pressed, product of Morocco