Why Constant Hydration Makes Your Skin Look Better

Why Constant Hydration Makes Your Skin Look Better

Jan 15th 2022

Hydration for Better Looking Skin

Have you ever noticed that some days your skin tends to look drawn and tight? Or you may have even noticed that a particular picture you were in wasn’t all that flattering for some reason.

Or you may simply be looking in the mirror and think you suddenly look more tired, a little unhealthier? This has happened to me, where I seem to suddenly look ten years older than the day before. And I was able to put a common theme to this observation eventually.

The realization didn’t hit until I was on a trip in a tropical climate. We didn’t always have immediate access to good clean water, so I went longer than I normally would have between bouts of deep hydration. Meaning I went long periods of time without drinking TONS of water. I’m a big water drinker – a natural thirsty person if you will. So I am constantly sipping water throughout the day.

It’s just my natural state of being. So when we went hiking or went sightseeing, and I wasn’t constantly drinking water, I definitely noticed a difference in the way my skin looked. We didn’t always carry water with us, not understanding how the constant heat and sweating depleted our bodies of hydration. So much of the time I was thirsty and simply didn’t have enough water in my system.

It was then that I realized how powerful hydration is in keeping your skin youthful, toned and line free. Consuming plenty of pure water is absolutely vital to keeping your skin supple and fresh looking. It literally fills your cells with water and plumps out the lines on your face.

It helps smooth out deep lines such as nasolabial folds (the lines that run on either side of your mouth all the way up to the corners of your nose), crows feet, and creases that often form on the forehead area.

Drinking Alcohol Depletes Hydration

If you know you’re going to be consuming alcohol, make sure you have plenty of water on hand. It would be a good idea to drink a water that is infused with electrolytes. This type of water can hydrate your body better and may also help better counteract the diuretic effect of the alcohol.

If you don’t have access to a high quality electrolyte-infused water, then simply squeeze some fresh lemon juice into your water. Almost all restaurants have fresh lemon wedges on hand (related: Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water)

Lemon Water for Deep HydrationYou can always ask for a few wedges and squeeze as much as you can into your water. This helps hydrate more efficiently too thanks to the alkalizing nature of lemon juice as well as the added minerals (aka electrolytes) it introduces to your water. Personally, my favorite alkaline water is by a company called Diamond Creek. It's the best tasting water I've ever experienced. Related: Alkaline Water Health Benefits

Excess Sodium Will Quickly Lead to Dehydration Too

Taking in excessive sodium also dehydrates and “deflates” the skin. Excess sodium intake can make you chronically dehydrated and therefore really do a number on the appearance of your skin.

If you put salt on your food, try to use an all natural salt that is not processed so that you get the additional minerals (good suggestions are Himalayan or Celtic sea salt). Remember, most sea salts are even somewhat processed or contain additives, so look for an unprocessed form of salt.

These “raw” salts are less dehydrating to the body since the body can process them better than your typical iodized and processed table salt that has been stripped of the natural sodium “buffers” or minerals. It also happens to taste worlds better than your standard iodized and over-processed table salt.

To Hydrate Deeply, It Really Must Be Water – Not Tea, Soda, Coffee or Other Flavored Drinks

Bring fresh, pure drinking water with you everywhere you go. Only water has the ability to refresh your cells, flush your system of toxins all day long, and rejuvenate your brain function. Keep it in your car and at your desk at work. Have it with you or easily accessible at all times.

If you are constantly making sure you’re adequately hydrated with water, not only will your skin look fresh and smooth all day long, but your energy levels will maintain all day long. Often times we think we’re hungry or lagging in energy, but this is really one of the most common signs of dehydration.