What are the Haircare Benefits of Clary Sage Essential Oil?

What are the Haircare Benefits of Clary Sage Essential Oil?

Dec 4th 2021

Clary Sage Essential Oil - Healthier, Shinier Hair and Healthy Scalp

Clary sage is a savory-scented, earthy and crisp smelling herbal oil that is used most commonly as an addition to various aromatherapy blends. It also happens to possess multiple benefits when it comes to the health and vitality of your hair and scalp. This is a big concern for a lot of people, men and women alike. Especially as we age and deal with evolving hair and scalp health issues with every new phase of life.

This oil was carefully studied for use as an important part of our Sulfate Free Natural Shine Enhancing Shampoo. We believe this oil, as well as Rosemary essential oil (Related: Rosemary Essential Oil for Focus and Mood, is integral in any formulation that intends to simultaneously boost scalp health while also promoting shiny, vibrant hair.

Oh and clary sage also happens to smell amazing. Not necessarily on its own, but when blended with other oils, it really has a nice earthy yet clean scent. What it adds is usually described as a very clean and crisp smelling aroma that has uplifting qualities when it comes to mood and awareness. The cost is middle of the road to higher priced if you are considering the price when thinking of purchasing this oil for your collection.

What is the Clary Sage Plant?

Clary sage is a plant the sprouts flowers and grows to be anywhere from 3-4 foot tall. It is part of the salvia plant family, and grows most plentifully in the Mediterranean, and in parts of Asia and Africa. The flowers can be white, lilac or pink in color. Part of the reason for the mid to higher price range is likely because the essential oil is extracted out of the flowers, not the leaves of the plant - so there is less of the plant that can be utilized for the pressed oil.

Clary Sage for Vibrant Scalp and Hair

We’ll talk about the chemical properties of clary sage and how these can impact the body a little later, but let’s dig right into the benefits clary sage has for your scalp and hair. Clary sage has the reputation of being an excellent vasodilator, meaning it helps the blood vessels relax and open wide. This may be part of the reason it has such a soothing effect on the scalp. Clary sage also has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin and scalp.

It also has anti-fungal properties, which means it helps to inhibit scalp issues like itchy scalp, dandruff, ringworm, and dermatitis. Some of these fungal overgrowth related issues can also lead to hair loss or thinning hair. So it is crucial to really address these before they cause patches of missing hair, or even bleeding scalp, scabs, and other uncomfortable scalp conditions. Related: Why Coconut Oil is Important for Hair and Skin Health

Massaging clary sage into the scalp has several effects that are important. One, it helps to promote circulation and unclog congested follicles. Two, the oil actually has an effect on the nervous system and is commonly used in aromatherapy to calm nerves. This makes it a valuable oil for those concerned about thinning hair who want to help boost hair growth by promoting scalp and follicle health.

Three, the oil as previously mentioned has pretty powerful anti-fungal properties which promotes a clean, healthy and decongested scalp which helps promote strong hair growth. Four, it helps to “melt” away the excess sebum (oil) that can attract extra dirt and bacteria and be a more fertile ground for fungal growth. Gets your scalp squeaky clean without drying it out. I’d like to see any man-made chemical beat that!

Shinier, Healthier Hair

While we’re talking about getting a “squeaky clean” outcome - let’s talk about what clary sage can do for your actual hair. And let’s start by saying the appearance of your hair is related to how healthy your scalp is. If you have a healthy scalp that is free of fungal growth, excess buildup of dirt, debris and sebum, and free of scabby, itchy skin, then your hair will likely mirror this health appearance.

Clary sage promotes shiny hair by helping to get it really, really clean. It has the ability to clean buildup off of your individual strands, and is really effective when included in shampoo formulations. It can also be incredibly effective as part of a comprehensive formulation in shampoos that are designed to maximize deep cleaning while simultaneously retaining moisture. That is absolutely imperative - any deep cleaning shampoo must also protect the hair from losing moisture.

That’s where some of the “clarifying” shampoos go wrong - they may be good at clarifying (which just means they really deep clean and get rid of buildup), but they also strip the hair of vital moisture. So you end up with dull, stripped hair that loses its luster and shine. Clary sage really helps rev up the shine AND provides an excellent deep cleaning mechanism.