Microblading Experience | Week 2

Microblading Experience | Week 2

May 27th 2024

Microblading Results Week 2

Let’s Get Straight To It – How Do They Look Week 2 (and a Half)?

So in Part I Microblade Experience, we covered the honest truth about how shockingly dark your brows will be for a good week or so. The good thing is, even though you feel certain your eyebrows will never “calm down” right after the process, they DO, and you will start to see that happen approximately one week after the procedure.

I noticed mine starting scabbing and flaking off (also, not attractive if I’m being honest) after about a week’s time. It took a lot of willpower not to pick at them during this time, since the scabbing is part of what makes them look so severe at first. However, I was successful at not touching them. As I type this, it’s been about two and a half weeks and my eyebrows definitely look a lot lighter.

Now I’m starting to see why you always need a follow up appointment. I’m seeing a lot of blank/missed spots and unevenness. I’m going to wait the full 4-6 weeks before I make my follow up appointment, and point out to her what I think needs to be filled in better.

There is also an unfortunately big blob of pigment at the edge of my left brow, which will be very difficult to fix – but I’m hoping it’s fixable because it’s clearly thicker than the rest of the strokes and looks out of place. Other than that, I think I’m going to be happy with the outcome.

Microblading Cost

Microblading can cost anywhere from $500-$600 depending on your area and the expertise of the person administering the treatment. The follow up visit is usually included in the overall up front cost from everything I’ve read. It was in mine at the very least, but this seemed standard as I was looking at other providers.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

The cost may seem high, but when you consider how long lasting microblading can be, it may be a better value than you thought. Usually the results last for 3 years give or take. The give or take part is contingent on a lot of factors. Related: Is a Beer Rinse an Economical Way to Healthier Hair?

Fading Factors for Microblading

Your brows can fade faster if you are exposed to a lot of UV light. UV light fades tattoos too, so it makes sense the it would fade your microblading too. Wearing a hat or wearing sunblock over your brows can help preserve the ink from fading. If you don’t live in a temperate climate where the sun is out all year round, this is only a concern during sunny months but still care should be taken to protect them.

How long microblade results last can also be impacted by how much you sweat, and whether you’re in the water a lot. For example if you’re in a pool a lot, getting them wet all the time, this will fade the ink sooner than later too.

My aesthetician told me that oily skin is also a factor. Dry skin tends to hold on to the ink longer, whereas oily skin (like mine), will tend to experience faster fading.

What is Microshading?

Microblade Results Week 2 Picture 2

Microshading is the same concept as microblading, except it is going to use broader, softer strokes and not aim to make each stroke look like the tiny hairs that comprise the brow line. It truly is like using a powder on your eyebrows to shade them in, it’s just that it’s done on a permanent (or semi-permanent) basis with the pigments that are used.

Think of it more as a finishing “airbrush” type of effect, it’s just filling in the shape and outline that’s already been created with microblading, or your natural brow line if you’re foregoing microblading and only going for the shading.

I did not opt for microshading, only microblading for myself. I didn't like the results of what I saw for shading personally for my facial structure and complexion, I felt it was a little overkill for what I was looking for. It looks like airbrushing, and if you want a really full brow, that's probably what you would want to have done in conjunction with microblading.

What to Expect as Far as Pain

There’s no getting around it. Microblading is basically the same thing as getting a tattoo. There is a tool that is used to does cut into the skin in order to deposit pigment in small (ideally) feathered strokes that aim to mimic the appearance of eyebrows. If you can tolerate a tattoo, you can tolerate microblading. I would classify it as a bit more painful than a tattoo. 

That is really only because it’s on your face, which tends to be a bit bonier than most areas, and it is happening right above your eyes. I think this area might be a little more sensitive, and hence I did find that my eyes were watering during most of the procedure, and I did feel the cutting sensation here and there. I would still classify it as tolerable though.

Some aestheticians offering microblading may offer you a numbing option though. So is you think you might be sensitive to the pain, ask if your practitioner offers a numbing service prior to the procedure. Related: Natural Hair Color Alternatives

How Long Does Microblading Take?

The overall process for me took around 3 hours. This included the practitioner marking my face off where she thought my new browlines should go. That took a good half hour or more itself. The rest of it is actually the blading process where the pigment is deposited. Overall, I was out of there in roughly three hours.

If you decide to get this done, be sure to bring sunglasses and a hat, and don’t plan on being comfortable going anywhere after. In fact, as alluded to earlier on in this series, you’re probably going to want to plan to stay incognito for at least a week. The eyebrow area looks extremely dark and severe at first, and you will definitely not feel very confident going out and about. Don’t despair though.

I will continue to post about this whole experience. Overall, I am optimistic the final result will be worth it. And I’m looking forward to waking up with eyebrows that look like they did before I got overzealous with the plucking all those years ago!