Hyaluronic Acid - What is It and How Can My Skin Benefit?

May 21st 2022

Hyaluronic Acid Requires Water Droplets

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component manufactured by our bodies. An abundance of this compound results in supple skin that lays really well over the intricated bone structure, muscles and fascia of our face

It also provides cushioning to our joints, which is why we often experience discomfort in our older age when this natural resource if depleted. This is also why our skin begins to sag, wrinkles and lines begin to form, and we lose that elasticity and integrity that we so easily enjoyed in our youth. 

It is a polysaccharide that is made by the body. It is just as important to the health and well being of your skin as collagen is, since it provides the plumper, fuller look to the skin that is associated with youth. Read on for why this natural substance is such a fantastic “primer” for your skin to absorb and maintain moisture all day long, providing a smooth, firm and youthful look. 

How Does Hyaluronic Acid Plump Your Skin?

Hyaluronic acid actually binds with water molecules to fill up spaces "plumping them out" and providing a firmer look. It requires water to do this, and that is why our hyaluronic acid serum should always be applied to a very damp face. This is absolutely necessary to get that all-day long fresh look that comes with having plump and smooth skin. 

After the serum has completely absorbed, which only takes a few minutes (if that, your skin usually soaks it up like a sponge) you still should apply your normal moisturizing cream to seal in the moisture. Only a few drops of this serum will hydrate the entire face. After the first layer has sunken in, you can even add another layer if you’re particularly parched for an additional plumping and firming effect before you apply your cream. 

Features of our Hyaluronic Acid Serum: 

  • $12.50 for a 2 oz. bottle 
  • Long lasting. One bottle should last a while since only a few drops are needed at a time. 
  • Maximum recommended dosage of hyaluronic acid for a serum of 1%. Any more than this does not increase effectiveness, and can cause issues with getting the product out of a dispenser due to excess thickness. We use the most effective and absorbent form of hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate. 
  • Pure vitamin E acts as a natural preservative as well as a potent antioxidant for additional skin protection. No parabens, petroleum derivatives, chemical solvents or other chemical preservatives. 
  • Organic peppermint oil and sweet orange oil for a fresh, crisp scent as well as an additional natural preservative.
  • Absolutely NO artificial fragrances. 
  • The best primer you can find for hours-long fresh, firm and hydrated “dewy” skin 
  • Shelf life is approximately 4-6 months for each bottle, so it is recommended to only order one bottle at a time unless you’re ordering more than one for someone else. 

Perfect for Morning and Night Time Use If You Choose

There are no “masking” ingredients in this formula, so it allows the skin to breathe and does not clog pores. In fact, this product is not only for those concerned with the effects of aging, but also can be used on younger or acne-prone skin and some find that it helps to smooth the appearance of acne scars. Related: Cod Liver Oil for Natural Sun Protection and Other Skin Clearing Benefits

Our hyaluronic acid has a cumulative effect. The longer you use it, the more you should notice how much easier it is to keep your skin moist and plump all day long. When your skin is adequately moisturized, it has the effect of smoothing lines and wrinkles, making the face appear more “taut” without the unnatural or waxy look of a facelift, excessive chemical peels and laser treatments, or other invasive injections and surgeries. 

Avoid Dehydrated Skin

You may have noticed before that when your moisturizer stopped working, or you were in a dry environment, or you were actually dehydrated from not drinking enough water, that the resulting dehydration seems to have aged your skin. This is because dehydrated skin is just like a dehydrated piece of fruit. 

Your skin, like a piece of fruit, requires a LOT of water to keep it firm and plump over time. Just like fruit, our bodies are composed of over 90% water. This means that when we are dehydrated, we begin to look sunken and wrinkled, just as a grape becomes a raisin or a plum becomes a prune when it is dehydrated. 

This is the best analogy for describing the effect of water deprivation on the skin and getting across how important hydration is for the skin – both internally by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, and externally by infusing it with moisture-binding natural materials like hyaluronic acid and seriously hydrating lotions and creams.