Horsetail – A Cheap, Easy Way to Stronger Hair, Nails

Horsetail – A Cheap, Easy Way to Stronger Hair, Nails

Oct 27th 2023

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One of the top selling categories of supplements is the hair, skin and nail improvement segment. A variety of reasons exist for those looking to improve these important aspects of appearance (and hence, self esteem). 

One of the top complaints for men and women is thinning hair, slow-growing hair, and lack of healthy appearance (luster/shine, volume and general texture). So it’s no surprise this category tends to be a top searched for and top selling one. Related: Remedies for Thinning Hair Part I

What is Horsetail?

Horsetail is a quick-growing weed-like plant that is a member of the fern family. It can actually be invasive since it easily takes over an area, can grow a foot tall in height, and is a perennial plant meaning it comes back every year. This may explain its very reasonable price since it easily grows in a variety of environments.

Why Is It Used for Nail and Hair Growth?

Horsetail is very high in two nutrients required by our the connective tissues that make up our hair and nails called silica and silicon. Silica and silicon make the hair and nails much stronger. They are minerals that build strength in these tissues by helping to maintain flexibility and resilience.

So it helps with hair that is easily broken or damaged, and can help the hair to withstand typical environmental factors that lend themselves to breakage. It can also help the hair to grow faster, some think. But this may really be due to the fact that it helps strengthen the hair.

Hair that is stronger won’t break off and may be able to go longer between cuts without looking split and fragile, so it may actually just seem like it’s helping hair growth because of this contribution to hair health and resilience.

Your nails will also get the benefits of gaining strength and resilience from horsetail. You might actually get so much nail growth that it becomes annoying to have to constantly clip and file them!  Silica and silicone are pretty effective for strengthening and fortifying their hair, but they really shine when it comes to nail health. Related: B Vitamins to Improve Hair Health?

A Cheap Way to Introduce Silicon and Silica

There are of course supplements that deliver pure silicon and silica. However, they can be more costly than horsetail, and may not provide that much more of a benefit for hair and nail growth to make up for the increased cost. You only have to take one horsetail per day, which lends to the value you get too. It is actually not recommended to take any more than 1 dose per day.

Why Maintain a One Dose Philosophy?

Horsetail is usually recommended at a maximum one-dose per day because it has a diuretic effect. Diuretic qualities just mean that it makes you urinate more frequently. It has actually been shown to be just about as effective as some water pills out there as a diuretic.

So you want to be careful with this and stay within the recommended dosage range. Those that are on any type of pharmaceutical medication or with any type of medical condition should also ask their doctor if its wise to take horsetail because of this diuretic effect.

A little bit of a diuretic effect won’t hurt most people, however it can be harmful if dosed too high and it can deplete you of potassium, which is a vital mineral for maintaining a regular heartbeat for one thing. It can also deplete you of certain other vitamins and minerals if you over-use it or use it for a long period of time uninterrupted.

As with many other supplements, it is always wise to give yourself a “supplement holiday” here and there and stop them all together for a week or so, just to give your body a rest and to reset for a bit. This can incidentally also boost the effects of various supplements you’ve chosen to include in your health routine once you resume them. Related: Does My Hair Lose Pigment with Age?

The Verdict

Many people swear by horsetail as an excellent revitalizer and growth aid for their hair and nails. It’s definitely affordable, and the reasonable dosage recommendation only further lessens the impact to your wallet. If is sounds like a good fit, check it out and see what others are saying about taking this popular hair growth supplement.