DIY Facial Peels for Home Use : Types and Purposes

Apr 6th 2018

Facial peels are becoming a popular DIY home treatment as people flock to less expensive (and natural) alternatives to professionally administered skin care. A trip to a dermatologist or aesthetician … read more

Anti-Cancer Benefits of Garlic

Mar 30th 2018

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Comparing Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid

Mar 23rd 2018

People who have acne usually purchase over-the-counter medications to try to eliminate the pimples. There are many products on the market that clear-up or prevent acne.Typically, one of two ingredient … read more

Panthenol aka Pro-Vitamin B5 Hair and Skin Care Benefits

Mar 21st 2018

Panthenol – Hair care product powerhouse ingredient – with a strong warning for hair care purposesYou have probably heard both of the terms “panthenol”, “dl panthenol” and “Pro Vitamin B5” before in r … read more

Petroleum Free Products

Mar 20th 2018

Petroleum and all of its by-products really have no place in body, skincare or hygiene goods that we must use every day. There are just too many potential contaminants in the process by which they ar … read more