For Soft, Healthy and Hydrated Lips - Petroleum Free!
Aura Sensory All Natural Lip Balms
Our extremely emollient, softening lip balms are flavored with our all
natural flavor blends (no artificial flavor), and give your lips that
healthy, hydrated look with a great taste.  These are
petroleum free
lip balms so you don't have to worry about purity or safety.

Soothing organic oils are complemented with vitamin E, a potent antioxidant and
excellent lip-healing agent.  Bees wax (straight from the beekeeper, no additives or
chemicals whatsoever) offers a natural, nutrient rich protective barrier against the
elements, protecting this delicate tissue from dryness, irritation, flaking and cracking.  

Choosing an all-natural lip balm is important.  It is something that most people
typically apply and re-apply several times a day
, increasing their exposure to the
chemicals that often comprise the artificial flavors in many balms.

  • No chemical additives or artificial flavors  
  • $3.50
  • Absolutely no petroleum, no artificial colors or flavors.
  • 2 great all-natural flavors to choose from:  
    Herb Mint Citrus Balm - A crisp and lively blend of
    herbs, mint and a touch of citrus.
    Sweet Citrus Balm - Sweet juicy citrus.   

Let's talk a minute about some of the questionable ingredients that a lot of traditional
lip balms have in them (which of course ours does not have).  First off, there are
petroleum and petrolatum based ingredients in many traditional lip balms.

Why are these bad?  Well, for one thing, they are listed as a "probable carcinogen" by
the European Union and are banned for use in baby care and cosmetic products.  They
contain something called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are common
contaminants in petrolatum and petroleum based ingredients (such as propylene
glycol ).  

They are cheap wetting agents, which is why they are still included in a lot of personal
care and cosmetic products here in the US. They are lousy lubricants and terrible at
actually nourishing dry skin or lips to boot.  In fact, they can leave your lips feeling
drier than ever before, and require repeat applications because they absorb too
quickly, feel "waxy" and rub off easily.
This is why our all natural lip balms are
100% petroleum free.  Instead they contain coconut and other all natural oils.

Parabens or similar chemical preservatives are often
included as well as a preservative to provide a longer
shelf life to the product.  Parabens have been linked to
several health problems as well as certain kinds of cancer,
most notably breast cancer.

Many also contain a variety of synthetic fragrances and flavors, which contain any
number of chemicals that have names a mile long. Do you really want these
ingredients to absorb into your lips and subsequently into your body?  Our natural
Citrus Lip Balm contains
no phthalates or chemicals which are often used to stabilize
flavor or scent.  

No chemicals, silicones, preservatives (other than vitamin e, a natural preservative
antioxidant and excellent skin moisturizer), artificial colors or scents, this conditioning
lip balm is 100% natural.

Keeping your lips moisturized is one of the best ways to keep them looking full and
soft.  Also, drinking plenty of pure water will help plump your lips, so make sure you're
getting plenty of H20 throughout the day.  

Lips that are dehydrated, both internally and externally tend to look thinner.  This also
ages the appearance of your lips.  So it is important to use a high quality balm like
those we offer that's not just a waxy cover up in order to maintain moisture, tone, and
health.  Try one of our
petroleum free, all natural lip balms and feel good about what
you're putting on your lips.


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balms make GREAT gifts!

Features of Our All Natural Lip Balms

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Herb Mint Citrus Balm Ingredients:  
Beeswax, Organic Coconut oil,
Organic Castor Oil, Tocopheryl
Acetate (Vitamin E), Carthamus
Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil,
Grape Seed Oil, Calendula
Officinalis Flower Extract, Wheat
Germ Oil, Orange Oil, Rosemary
Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lavandin Oil,
Spearmint Oil, Anise Oil, Ginger
Oil, Geranium Oil, Galangal
Extract, Clary Sage Extract, Stevia
Leaf Extract

"Feels so nice and smells/tastes
yummy!!! Shipped super quick,
too!" - Kelsey

"The lip balm is really moisturising
and I really like the scent a lot,
thank you so much."  - Caroline

"Best lip balms, thank you"
Sweet Citrus Balm Ingredients :
Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil,
Organic Castor Oil, Tocopheryl
Acetate (Vitamin E),  Orange Oil, Pink
Grapefruit Oil, Stevia Leaf Extract

*Shelf life for our balms is
approximately 6 months.